Mon Compte


“If you don’t come to the theatre, the theatre will come to you”.
About 20% of French people go to the theatre every year. Cultural, economic or physical obstacles still close the doors to live performance to a large audience. To create the conditions for a theatre accessible to all, Les Gémeaux regularly leaves its walls, goes out to encounter its audience and tries to demystify the theatrical space.

Small travelling forms

In addition to a season-long indoor programme, Les Gémeaux imagines a light and mobile theatre through the idea of “small travelling forms”. These consist of specific commissions, or adaptations of the companies’ work, which can be shown where the inhabitants are: in schools, social centres, homes, EHPAD, but also in sports centres or any other unexpected place.

An appropriation of public space

This iconoclastic approach is accompanied by an artistic proposal for outdoor spaces. The city offers a wonderful field of possibilities for companies that re-enchant the daily lives of the inhabitants and reach a different audience here.

During the 22-23 season, you will find :

  • Après Babel, construire la ville, a short theatrical form by Margaux Eskenazi, on the sidelines of the show 1983
  • The travelling duo formed by Anne Paceo (drums) and Raphaël Imbert (saxophone)
  • Les Petites galeries du déclin, a trilogy of short puppet shows by the company Le Pilier des Anges
  • Faune, a journey of interactive posters imagined by Adrien M. and Claire B.
  • Les Aveugles, a virtual reality installation by INVIVO
  • Les Surgissements by the Théâtre du Centaure, on the sidelines of the show Animal