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For all ages from 7 years’ old upwards

Théâtre du centaure

Manolo Bez and Kaori Ito

Arjuna, Indra, Nakula and Sahadeva, 4 black horses, Manolo Bez (centaur in the making), Léonore Zurfl üh (dancer), Johanna Houe (equestrian artist), Virgile Abela (guitar), Anwar Khan (tabla, singing and harmonium)

Manolo Bez and Kaori Ito


Animal is a unique, long-form performance that explores the idea of a primal dance with a herd of black horses Manolo Bez, a virtuoso of the equestrian art, joins forces with choreographer Kaori Ito to imagine a common language with the animal. “I would like all the human participants of this creation to find their inner animal, their wildness”, she explains. 4 horses and 5 humans (musicians and circus artists) make up the company of this “dance beyond dance” in which the writing of each movement comes from what the animals present. In music, but without words, Animal proposes a new dramaturgical approach, a magical journey where technique is not an end but a language to dialogue with the living. Behind the prowess, there is a desire for childhood and a cry of urgency that pleads for a new alliance with all living things.