Mon Compte


If the theatre is a place of transit, it is also and above all a place of gathering, both for the public and the artistic teams.

The performance is a culmination. The culmination of a long process of conceptualisation, writing and creation, which Les Gémeaux supports through several forms of residencies. These residencies enrich the “Associated Artists” project These residencies are part of
the “Associated Artists” project, but may also be open to other companies whose work the Théâtre des Gémeaux is keen to encourage and promote to its audience.

In any residency, there is the notion of resources, space and time. This is why Les Gémeaux theatre makes its spaces, stages and sometimes its teams available to artistic teams.
The “at the table” residencies allow artists to carry out the research and writing work necessary for any creation.
For rehearsal purposes, Les Gémeaux opens up access to its spaces and stages.

Creative residencies may require technical skills and resources (particularly in sound and lighting), and therefore require the expertise of the Les Gémeaux teams.

Sometimes these residencies are open to the public. At Les Gémeaux, we support this approach, which we see as mutually enriching, and we do everything possible to attract the interest of the public and create an encounter.

This challenge to their work is a unique opportunity for the artists to question certain choices, to confront certain ideas, to reinforce each other, or to explore new fields of possibility.
The resulting exchanges remind us of the shifting nature of creation and performance. Alive.