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Associated artists

High standards at the heart, and the sharing of creation

Les Gémeaux’s project is inextricably linked to the area and its inhabitants. In this context, the implementation of an ambitious programme of associate artists is an essential element in maintaining this link over time while supporting creation.

For a year now, four artists have been involved with the theatre’s audiences, in close collaboration with the Scène Nationale Team. For three seasons, they are given the means to carry out their projects over the long term. This virtuous association is embodied in the commissioning, (co)production and distribution of shows, but also in the organisation of encounters with the public, favourable to the creation of an invaluable human bond.

Margaux Eskenazi

from the small to the big History

Margaux Eskenazi created the Nova Company in 2007. Since then, she has worked on the creoleness of French identities. She is interested in memory, in the “poetics of decolonisation” and the mixing of cultures. Her theatre is intimately connected to interaction with audiences, to a closeness to reality, and to a desire for authenticity. After a 21-22 season marked by the programming of the highly acclaimed Et le cœur fume encore, the partnership with Les Gémeaux will continue during the 22-23 season with the co-production of the show 1983 and its programming (November 2022), but also with the commissioning and broadcasting ofAprès Babel, construire la ville, a unique concept created as an echo to the play, a small travelling form intended to venture into places not dedicated to the production (schools, retirement homes, socio-cultural structures, etc.). Conceived as an autonomous form, this show will also be the anchor of an artistic and cultural education project carried out with local high schools, thanks to the support from the Ile-de-France Region.

Mickaël Le Mer

hip-hop under influences

Coming from hip-hop, Mickaël Le Mer’s choreographic work is inspired by contemporary dance and has a certain form of abstraction. Driven by a genuine poetic sensitivity, Mickaël Le Mer creates compositions that enhance the individuality of his dancers. He offers a graphic and humanistic dance, and places the values of exchange, discovery and encounter at the heart of his creations. After the co-creation of Melting Three with Anne Paceo (April 2022), and the presentation of a sensitive work around Soulages’ Outrenoir with his latest creation Les Yeux fermés (may 2022), Mickaël Le Mer will present at Les Gémeaux the show Butterfly (December 2022), a tribute to joyful metamorphoses, in a twirling ballet. You will also be able to discover the background of his work, during several research residencies that he will carry out throughout the 22-23 season, some of which will be open to the public.

Anne Paceo

Anne Paceo is one of the most brilliant jazz composers and percussionists of her generation. With seven albums to her credit, she opens up unique perspectives, breaking the boundaries between jazz, pop, rock, folk and world music. After two Victoires du Jazz in 2016 and 2019, performances in more than 45 countries – alone or with the greatest artists – she sets down her luggage at Les Gémeaux, for a unique and fruitful collaboration.
Since the first season, Anne Paceo has gone to meet the public on several occasions, whether it be her touring duo with Raphaël Imbert in various places in the region or her creations Melting Three and S.H.A.M.A.N.E.S (April 2022) – both born of collaboration and sharing with other associated artists – and numerous local actors. This season, she continues her dialogue with others, by surrounding herself with a large choir of singers from various horizons. With Nanouk l’esquimau by Robert Flaherty, Anne Paceo will experiment with the hybrid format of the film-concert. Finally, she will perform at Sceaux What in a more intimate format for a journey back to the roots of jazz.


transcending the space of representation

On the borders of digital arts, performance and theatre, the INVIVO collective creates immersive experiences and pushes the limits of multi-disciplinarity. At Les Gémeaux, the collective invests in the theatre and questions the place of the spectators. After presenting Eden (November 2021) as part of Némo – Biennale Internationale des Arts Numériques de la Région Île-de-France, and collaborating with Anne Paceo on the intense S.H.A.M.A.N.E.S (April 2022), INVIVO will present this season Les Aveugles, a play in virtual reality for 12 spectators, in partnership with the Théâtre de Châtillon and as part of the MARTO festival (March 2023). Les Gémeaux will co-produce the sequel to this singular play, which will give rise to a quadrilogy based on Maurice Maeterlinck’s work, La Fin du présent.