Mon Compte


Theatres are rarely designed to welcome the public during the day or outside of performance times. With a renewed policy of development and installations, Les Gémeaux wishes to “re-enchant” the spaces, whatever the time of day.

To encourage this new relationship with the public (passers-by or neighbours), Les Gémeaux relies on the presentation of artistic installations to open up wider. Deployed within the theatre, they transform the reception areas into places for artistic propositions and encounters, encouraging exchanges and participating in a new relationship with the cultural institution.

The 2021-2022 season was marked by three installations. The visual and sound experience Tesseract by associated artists the INVIVO collective, aimed to represent the fourth dimension through a cube of light in the middle of which was a glass tube. With EDEN, by Cyril Teste/Collectif MxM, presented alongside the play La Mouette, virtual reality was in the spotlight, in an immersive experience at the heart of a fantastic nature, evolving according to the reactions of the spectators. Finally, conceived as a triptych by Adrien M & Claire B, the dance performance Acqua Alta : Noir d’encre, was presented as an echo to two installations: Acqua Alta : Tête à tête, a virtual reality experience and Acqua Alta : La traversée du miroir, a pop-up book in augmented reality.

The 2022-2023 season continues this new policy with three installations. The installation JazzBox , presented at Les Gémeaux, will take the spectator on a voyage of sound and vision of variable dimensions, diving into the history of jazz in eight acts. Faune, presented once again by Adrien M & Claire B, will extend beyond the boundaries of the theatre with 10 posters displayed in Sceaux. In the form of an urban treasure hunt, the project will send the inhabitants on a quest for a fauna in augmented reality, revealed by a dedicated application. Finally, the show Les Aveugles, created by the INVIVO collective, will offer the first virtual reality re-reading of Maeterlinck’s masterpiece!