Entrée libre

As part of MARTO’s festival

Texts and musical compositions
Philippe Méziat

Design and production
Cécile Léna

Cécile Léna


The JazzBox installation, presented at Les Gémeaux, takes the spectator on a journey through the history of jazz in eight acts, illustrating the great emblematic currents of the genre – New Orleans, Swing, Bop and Hard-Bop. Standing in his booth, the size of a voting booth, the spectator closes the curtain and, equipped with headphones, flips the switch. Then a piece of music begins, and an inanimate model is revealed, imagined as an echo of the piece listened to. Once finished, the spectator can move on to the next module. An intimate journey, during which the spectator (re)discovers in a few minutes a music that never stops passing through time.