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Les Gémeaux is a « National stage » located in Sceaux (92). With its three halls, including a jazz club, the national stage offers a multidisciplinary programme based on three principal disciplines : theatre, dance and jazz. As a place of creation and diffusion, it draws its singularity from the programming of long theatrical series and its large opening to the international stages.

Change of director in February 2021 opens a new page in the history of Les Gémeaux : renewal of aesthetics and the network of artists, openness to hybrid forms (digital shows, interdisciplinarity), more family and young audience offers, multidisciplinary partnerships, shows outside the theater…

It also claims strong territorial connexions and openness to all audiences. Four artists in residence (Yngvild Aspeli, Anne Paceo, Mickaël le Mer and the INVIVO collective) commitment with local people to invent new ways of arts meetings.

Project highlights :

Support for artists and creation

True to its history, Theater Les Gémeaux continues to support artists and creation with a policy of supporting young artists as well as established artists :
– by participating financially in the production of shows and by lending its stages,
– by encouraging series of shows (up to two weeks),
– by offering women and men artists the same means, both in terms of production and programming,
– by supporting its four associated artists, who are in residence for three seasons.

Hybridity of forms and digital incursions

Les Gémeaux pays particular attention to hybrid forms, where the boundaries between disciplines tend to become permeable, leading to the emergence of renewed and multiple aesthetics.
More specifically, with the arrival of digital technologies, artists explore a new scenographic grammar. Which is not an avant-garde aesthetic, it is, on the contrary, a popular theatre, in touch with its time, based on renewed communication procedures with the audience.
A part of the programming reflects these new aesthetic languages offered by digital tools, both in terms of performances and installations.

A new sound identity for Les Gémeaux

Les Gémeaux pay attention to a new musical dynamic and, starting with the jazz aesthetic :
– presenting a jazz open to new influences, from hip hop and electro to rock and neo-classical, thus working to renew aesthetics,
– accompaning a younger generation of musicians and, in so doing, give visibility to Sceaux What, the jazz club of the National stage,
– offering a special event outside the walls of the Parc de Sceaux, the Sceaux Jazz Festival, accessible to all.

Questioning and discovering marvelous experience with family

Les Gémeaux is strengthening its offer for families and young people, with a balance between shows of major names and shows of young companies, and with various disciplines. About ten proposals are programmed each season. To continue the experience of young spectators, workshops or meetings are offered as an echo to the performance.

Associated artists at the service of creation and residents
Four artists will work alongside Les Gémeaux for three seasons: Anne Paceo, Mickaël le Mer, the INVIVO collective and Margaux Eskenazi. Beyond their undeniable artistic qualities, these artists have in common their enthusiasm for the idea of being part of a territory over time, and the need for dialogue with the residents. Artists who are curious to meet their peers from other disciplines than their own.

Territorial anchoring and audience renewal

By working in depth with the artists, Les Gémeaux is committed to
– a diversification of the ways to meet the artists and their work,
– the development of the role of culture in social practices, the organisation of life, the place of lived experience.

A new partnership dynamic

Convinced of the necessity and richness of cultural and artistic collaborations, Les Gémeaux initiates new ways of working with the cultural and socio-cultural actors of the territory. Participative projects, creation and transmission projects, co-hosting of shows…, the methods of collaboration are invented according to the desire and objectives of each partner.

So this new project

is based on an open and connected theatre, a living place in dialogue with its peers, its territory and its inhabitants. More broadly, this project brings Les Gémeaux to meet everyone, and works to broaden and renew audiences.

New ways of sharing are emerging, inside and outside the theatre, to make Les Gémeaux a place of conviviality, sensitive and innovative.

Séverine Bouisset