Mon Compte


Because practice nourishes the way we look at a work of art or a show, we feel it is essential to offer workshops and courses, intended for children, adults, families, individuals, amateurs and professionals, as part of our programming.

Parent-child workshops


Augmented Reality – New media, new form of expression” workshop
This workshop offers an introduction to the practice of augmented reality through the prism of the work of the company Adrien M & Claire B. The workshop is developed in three parts:
• HANDLING: Discovering and handling several augmented reality devices of an entertainment, artistic, social or utilitarian nature.
• INFORMATION: Define augmented reality, explore its possible uses and its specificity as a new media.
• CREATION: Understand the different stages and professions involved in this creative process using “new writing”. Design a piece of art in augmented reality with classic drawing tools and a set of creative cards (methodological and artistic guidelines).

Saturday December 3
at 10am and 2.30pm (duration: 2.5 hours)
From 8 years old
Price: 5€/person


Puppet building and handling workshop, led by the show’s artistic team
Each participant will build a puppet with the help of the performers of the show. The child, with the help of his or her parent, will be able to bring the puppet to life and improvise a short story. Each child and each parent will be able to take their puppet home at the end of the workshop.

Saturday December 10
at 3:30 pm (duration: 1 hour)
From 5 years old
Price: 5€/person


Philosophy workshop “Tell your fears”, led by the artistic team of the show

Saturday June 3
at 2.30pm (duration: 1h30, before the performance)
From 6 years’ old
Price: 5€/person

Adult workshops

La Disparition

Theatre workshop (theme to come) led by Le Groupe Fantôme

Saturday February 4
from 2pm to 5pm (duration: 3 hours)

In this workshop, the Phantom Group will explore, through texts and improvisations, the boundaries, the blurry zones, the limits between theatre and reality. We will try to find out if theatre supports reality, if it doubles it; we will question the difference between realism, naturalism and everyday play.

Price: 5€/person