35 minutes

From 4 years old upwards

Meet with the artistic team after each performance.

Parents/children workshop
Puppet building and handling
on Saturday 10 December at 3.30pm (from 5 years old)
5€/person on reservation

Direction, writing, construction, scenography
Anthony Diaz / Cie A Kan la Dériv’

Acting, handling
Anastasia Puppis and Vincent Varène (alternating with Zoé Poutrel and Camille Thomas)

Cie A Kan La Deriv'


The story is inspired by real events: the difficulties that some children suffering from cognitive disorders such as dyslexia or attention disorders may encounter. A puppet show, but also an object theatre, Jeu deals with deep societal issues with poetry and lightness. With the help of puppets, the artists create the right distance with a painful subject, thus inviting the young spectators to develop their imagination. To go further, these puppets have no body, only a few accessories allowing them to embody the status of their character: a school bag for Basile, a tie for his father… Many everyday objects that Basile transforms to communicate and express his emotions. His own strength.