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CSR approach

Ecological emergency or social ecology, fight against inequalities or integration policies: the major changes do not spare theatres. At the heart of the urban fabric, cultural facilities mobilise artists, spectators, professionals and partners in a profusion of activities. In this context, Les Gémeaux is paying increasing attention to the major issues of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and is deploying an active and proactive policy in favour of ecology, diversity, social links and better governance.

A stronger environmental commitment

Les Gémeaux is now implementing a purchasing policy that favours responsible consumption. Catering for the artistic teams is based on organically grown products. Local products and the use of local companies are encouraged whenever possible for social events. In addition, the restaurant menu includes a vegetarian menu. Short circuits are preferred for technical and service services. In the building, all the paints used are eco-labelled (renovation of the dressing rooms, kitchen, foyer, etc.).

Efforts to reduce energy consumption have resulted in a 50% reduction in printed documents, the use of recycled paper, the optimisation of lighting systems (LEDs), and the optimisation of artists’ travel. In order to measure the impact of the actions taken, an energy assessment is underway.

A radical reduction and better management of waste is at the heart of the theatre’s concerns. In addition to the sorting of everyday waste, encouraged by the installation of waste bins (offices, dressing rooms, technical areas), the elimination of plastic bottles (purchase of reusable bottles for the teams and artists) and the installation of water fountains, the provision of a fully equipped kitchen to facilitate the cooking of meals on the premises.The purchase of a percolator and the use of reusable tableware on the premises and recyclable containers for off-site catering (festivals, touring programmes, etc.) have considerably reduced the volume of waste in the theatre. The policy of recycling batteries, light bulbs and printed documents on a daily basis is accompanied once or twice a year by the ordering of a skip (CPR, an ISO 14001 and qualival certified company) for the recycling of electronic equipment, furniture and various materials.

Finally, the greening of the offices and reception halls (summer 23) and the installation of three beehives (180,000 bees) on the roof of the theatre are part of a strategy to preserve urban biodiversity.

A committed social and societal policy

Opening up to the audiences most distant from the theatre, social diversity and economic accessibility require concrete actions. This is why Les Gémeaux has developed small travelling artistic forms in places in the region not dedicated to culture, and has deployed a social and solidarity ticketing system to promote access to the theatre for the most disadvantaged.

The theatre itself will be redesigned in the summer of 2023 to make it more user-friendly and more accessible to residents. Although all the spaces are already accessible to people with reduced mobility, a commitment has been made to strive for full accessibility of the theatre and its services to all people with disabilities.

Equality between men and women is also the subject of a proactive approach, both in the choices of production and artistic programming and in the recruitment policy.

Appropriate governance

In terms of governance, Les Gémeaux has set up a more aligned organisation, favouring concerted decision-making. A steering committee has also been set up to identify the most relevant areas of action and to examine the theatre’s social, environmental and societal impacts. The teams are also made aware of this through a specific training plan. The implementation and effectiveness of all the measures are guaranteed by the keeping of a ‘roadmap’, which now allows for reliable monitoring.