50 minutes

For all ages from 6 years old upwards.

Philosophy workshop for parents and children
“Telling your fears”
on Saturday June 3 at 2:30 pm
5€/person upon reservation

Artistic direction, composition
Frédéric Maurin

Conception, composition
Grégoire Letouvet

Conception, direction
Julie Bertin

Orchestre national de jazz


With Dracula, the Orchestre National de Jazz offers its first show for young audiences. Somewhere between a musical tale and an opera, the story of the famous vampire is an ideal entry point for bringing jazz to a child’s level. Revisited by two actresses and nine musicians, the myth constitutes a formidable imaginary material to approach the themes of love, good and evil, eternal life or the place of desires. Although the NJO’s production takes some liberties with Bram Stocker’s novel, it remains attached to the gothic universe of the original story and is inspired by Adèle Maury’s black and white monotypes that illustrate the libretto. On the score side, the ambition is to make the audience discover all the varieties of jazz, with ballads, swing, waltz, Latin inspirations, improvisation or free jazz. In barely an hour, this Dracula will make the most demanding jazz lovers and their children shiver with pleasure.