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From 15 years’ old upwards

Margaux Eskenazi est artiste associée aux Gémeaux

Meet with the artistic team after the performance on Sunday November 27, in partnership with Esprit magazine

In partnership with the Théâtre Victor Hugo / Scène des Arts du geste de Bagneux

Spectacle en audiodescription le 26/11/2022 à 20h30

Alice Carré and Margaux Eskenazi

Margaux Eskenazi / Cie Nova

Armelle Abibou, Loup Balthazar, Salif Cisse, Anissa Kaki, Malek Lamraoui, Yannick Morzelle, Raphaël Naasz and Eva Rami

Margaux Eskenazi


« Staging the richness of life that makes up the creoleness of our French identities ». The ambitious project of Margaux Eskenazi – associate artist at Les Gémeaux – and the Nova company, reveals with 1983 a new elucidation. The play takes its origin – and its name – from the March for equality and against racism that left Marseille on October 15, 1983, a major event in the struggle for recognition of the children of French immigrants. Police violence, lack of diversity, the rise of the extreme right, discrimination: the play largely echoes the major themes of today. It is part of Alice Carré and Margaux Eskenazi’s exploration of the stories we inherit and what we wish to do with them. Sharing residence between Les Gémeaux and the Théâtre de Bagneux, the Nova company relies on veracious groundwork to build its shows. After the unforgettable Et le cœur fume encore, presented by Les Gémeaux at the Théâtre Victor Hugo in Bagneux in March 2022, 1983 is no exception to the rule and « anchors itself around the company and its devising skills for the stage in order to make the words of those who have been silent for so long heard », according to the director.