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3h15 avec entracte

Performance in French and Vietnamese with French surtitles.

Meet with the artistic team after the performance on Sunday October 16th , in partnership with the magazine Esprit

Exceptional revival

Caroline Guiela Nguyen / Compagnie Les Hommes Approximatifs

Caroline Arrouas, Dan Artus, Adeline Guillot or Cécile Coustillac (alternating), Thi Truc Ly-Cuong, Phú Hau Nguyen, Pierric Plathier or Maurin Ollès (alternating), Thi Thanh Thu Tô, Anh Tran Nghia

Caroline Guiela Nguyen with the creation artistic team

Caroline Guiela Nguyen


Caroline Guiela Nguyen’s great theatrical piece began with “the desire to put on a show in a Vietnamese restaurant”. Then there was the time of creation, and the collection of real testimonies, on the ground. These sparks finally gave rise to a journey through memory and time, spread over half a century, between France and Vietnam. Triumphantly received at the Avignon Festival in 2017, Saïgon navigates between great history and the intimate, to draw up a portrait of “two worlds that have crossed, loved, destroyed and then forgotten each other for sixty years now”. On stage, a dozen Vietnamese or French actors – professional or not – give life to a moving choral tale, which explores the themes of family, exile, or love, tinged with nostalgia.