Tarif A

From 8 years old

In partnership with L’Azimut- Antony, Châtenay-Malabry

Writing, direction, lighting
Marie Molliens / Cie Rasposo

Denis Plassard

Robin Auneau, Zaza Kuik ” Missy Messy “, Marie Molliens, Françoise Pierret

Marie Molliens


Marie Molliens is one of the most important artists of the contemporary circus. With Oraison, she uses the figure of the white clown to create a “circus prayer”. This appeal to the deepest sensibilities, both visceral and spiritual, is designed to be experienced physically by the spectator. In an almost religious fervour – joyful and nostalgic – the show offers a series of tableaux like so many rituals. There is the tightrope walker in search of meaning, the melancholic tightrope walker and the dangerous knife thrower… All of them are part of an intimate circus, supported by an exceptional work on light. Absolutely modern in her dramaturgy, Marie Molliens does not hesitate to summon the symbols of a more traditional fairground circus. The popcorn machine, the big top atmosphere and the notes of the barrel organ refer to the history of the circus in a tribute to the past, present and future of the discipline.