45 minutes

from 4 years old

In partnership with the city of Bourg-la-Reine

Frédéric Chevaux

Anaël Guez, Nadja Maire or Camille Blouet, Sarah Vermande

Cie Paname Pilotis

Les Yeux de Taqqi

Between dream and reality, phantasmagoria and invisible territories, Taqqi, a little blind Inuit boy, wants to see, to know and to be empowered. In the heart of the Far North, young and old are invited to follow the story of this little boy in search of the world.

Nominated for the Molières for Young Audiences in 2020, Les Yeux de Taqqi tells the story of a blind boy and his journey of initiation. Imbued with a strong aesthetic, the world that surrounds the Inuit evokes dreams and invites you to travel. The spirituality of these people, the wildlife that surrounds them, the mirages, the snow and ice, the luminous phenomena, constitute a rich foundation for a show intended for children.

The puppets, shadow puppets and music all contribute to the magic of this show. This tale, based on an Inuit legend, tells of the adventures of a child who regains his sight, and is ultimately about humanity, compassion and mutual aid. Back from his journey, Taqqi’s eyes will have changed and the little boy will discover his hidden treasures… A fable about learning to live.