Tarif A

From 10 years old

In collaboration with Malakoff / Scène Nationale

Mathurin Bolze / Cie MPTA

By and with
Anahi De Las Cuevas, Julie Tavert, Johan Caussin, Frédéri Vernier (alternating with Vincent Brière), Corentin Diana, Andres Labarca, Mathurin Bolze

Mathurin Bolze

Les Hauts plateaux

Mathurin Bolze is a key figure in the French contemporary circus. With Les Hauts Plateaux, he is interested in the subject of ruins, thought of as a “juxtaposition of times, of different eras” that brings out the permanence of the human being. It manifests itself through suspended platforms, a moving floor of trampolines or flying ladders. In this fragile maze, the acrobats move, fall, bounce and defy gravity with a virtuosity that borders on witchcraft. The acrobatic variations are used here to tell the story of instability, wandering and hope, in an invitation to resistance and resilience. While everything collapses, the tenacious bodies continue their journey on the road of existence and in a last effort, reach Les Hauts plateaux.