Tarif A

Conception, direction and libretto
Blanca Li

Visual direction
Vincent Chazal

Musical direction and compositions
Tao Gutierrez

VR development

Blanca Li

Le Bal de Paris

Choreographer, dancer, film director and director of interactive exhibitions, Blanca Li invites you to the biggest ball in Paris! Music and dance use virtual reality to immerse the spectator in a world of festivity and great spectacle. During 3 acts, the participants are guided by 3 dancers to discover in turn a waltz or a cancan. No special dance or virtual reality skills are required, and everyone is free to observe, dance or interact with the dancers and guests. Winner of the Best VR Experience Award at the 2021 Venice Film Festival, Le Bal de Paris offers an unforgettable fantasy world and a unique experience. Put on your costume or dress – specially created by Chanel – choose your avatar, and let yourself be carried away by the adventure!