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After the performances, there will be a series of discussions with professional speakers from the medical profession, philosophers and journalists.
More information to come soon.

By Lars Norén


Camilla Bouchet, Jean-Louis Martinelli and Arnaud Roig-Mora

Directed by
Julie Duclos

Cyril Metzger, Yohan Lopez, Alexandra Gentil, David Gouhier, Maxime Thebault, Émilie Incerti Formentini, Alix Riemer, Émilien Tessier, Étienne Toqué,
Mithkal Alzghair, Manon Kneusé, Stéphanie Marc, Leïla Muse

Julie Duclos


Julie Duclos takes Lars Norén’s text and immerses the spectator in a chilling psychiatric confinement. The patients’ daily lives cross paths without any real story emerging. In the fragments of life, the obsessions and doubts of each of them, a mirror is held up to the spectator. In the hospital ward, the boundaries between normality and madness are blurred. The choral play takes a raw and humane look at those whom society and its violence has relegated to the margins. Julie Duclos’ naturalistic and almost documentary-like staging does not inhibit – on the contrary – the dark poetry and humour that run through the play. A moment of total theatre that leaves no one indifferent.