For all ages from 7 years old upwards
Freely inspired by the Grimm brothers' tale
Written and directed by Igor Mendjisky With Igor Mendjisky, Esther Van Den Driesshe
Igor Mendjisky

Gretel, Hansel et les autres

Almost everyone knows the story by the Grimm brothers. It is about a brother and sister, abandoned by their parents in the forest, and soon confronted by an anthropophagous witch. Igor Mendjisky uses this storyline to plunge us into the imaginary world of childhood, nature, dreams and the night. The reinvented tale illustrates “the need to grow up without losing sight of the importance of continuing to tell stories“. In order not to get stuck in a too classical retelling, Igor Mendjisky borrows from African or Japanese tales. But above all, he calls on his daughter, who describes the sources of his ideal story: an investigation with a policeman, a grandfather, a squirrel, “a wolf that is not too scary“. On the stage, maquettes make up a “small world” with sound effects and animations. This is the starting point of a theatrical adventure that will lead the two characters to discover the most intense feelings: emancipation, solitude, fear…