Mon Compte
Tarif B

Performance in German with French surtitles

William Shakespeare

Version and translation
Marius von Mayenburg

Directed by
Thomas Ostermeier / Schaubühne Berlin

Lars Eidinger, Moritz Gottwald, Carolin Haupt, Jenny König, Sebastian Schwarz, Robert Beyer, Thomas Bading, Christoph Gawenda, Laurenz Laufenberg, Thomas Witte (drums)

Thomas Ostermeier

Richard III

Scheduled for 2022, Thomas Ostermeier’s unmissable Richard III was finally replaced – for health reasons – by an improvisation by the director and Lars Eidinger, who came to present a hybrid form, much to the delight of the large number of spectators who attended this out-of-the-ordinary play. Richard III returns to Les Gémeaux in 2023 in its complete version. A legend at the Avignon Festival in 2015, this production of Shakespeare’s famous play has lost none of its power or modernity. Played by a frightening and grotesque Lars Eidinger, funny and diabolical at the same time, this Richard III is a fascinating monster, an illustration of a counterfeit and tortured human. He explores the mysteries of a character who is prepared to use all kinds of intrigue and lowliness to attain the crown. It takes the spectator (who does not emerge unscathed) to the heart of evil and its sources. Prosthetics, suspended microphones, puppets and deformed masks draw a scenic landscape with rock echoes… It is – in the words of its creator – a true return to the essence of theatre: “a free space where catharsis is possible, where we can play with our darkest instincts to perhaps purify and liberate ourselves“.