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from 6 years old

Anne Paceo is an associate artist of Les Gémeaux

In collaboration with the town of Bourg-la-Reine

Nanouk the Eskimo, USA, 1922

Robert J. Flaherty

Script, photo, editing
Robert J. Flaherty

Musical creation
Production Les Gémeaux / Scène Nationale

Anne Paceo (drums), Laura Perrudin (harp), Gauthier Toux (keyboards)

Anne Paceo

Nanouk l’esquimau


First broadcast in 1922, Robert Flaherty’s documentary Nanouk the Eskimo is now a mythical film. Often considered the first documentary in history, it plunges us into the daily life of a resourceful young hero: Nanouk. The struggle against the cold, the search for food and family life are at the heart of this unique and fundamental document, which has been passed down from generation to generation. The film will be screened as a cine-concert and accompanied by the music of Anne Paceo. This is a first for the jazz composer and percussionist, an associate artist of Les Gémeaux, who will take the stage with two other musicians. The promise of an evening full of contrasts, from the polar cold to the warmth of jazz clubs!