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Go Go Go
Ngielix, Turtle White et Yelsha

Khiks (Déclencheur MJC)
Khiks (chant et rap) et Vincent Charpin (batterie et productions)


Go go go + Khiks

Go Go Go

Go Go Go is a collective and record label exclusively dedicated to women, aiming to give them the recognition they deserve in the French rap scene. From trap to dancehall, drill to afrobeat, the crew offers an exciting melting pot of styles, with contagious energy that reflects the thriving female scene. Following in the footsteps of Diam’s, and more recently Shay and Aya Nakamura, the label aims to address themes that have been overlooked in French rap, including sexual violence, mother-daughter relationships, and sisterhood.

Khiks (déclencheur MJC)

In the opening act, Khiks presents a clever blend of old-school rap, hybrid pop, and songwriting on a stage ready to resonate with the vibrations of this hip-hop evening.