As part of the MARTO Festival

First performances in France
Freely inspired by Donna Haraway’s Staying With The Trouble (© 2016, Duke University Press)

By and with
Marta Cuscunà

Marta Cuscunà


Earthbound is a monologue for an actress and an animalia of animatronic creatures. Inspired by the essay Staying with the Trouble by the American philosopher Donna Haraway, the play explores the main themes of contemporary eco-feminism. Set in a science fiction universe, it transports the audience to the near future and portrays a humanity that must join forces with other species to save the planet. These allies of circumstance are the “symbiotes”, creatures inspired by real species in danger of extinction conceived by Paola Villani and inspired by the works of the Australian artist Patricia Piccinini. Faced with the ecological and social emergencies that threaten humanity, Marta Cuscunà participates with Earthbound in an essential movement: the creation of new narratives and new imaginings capable of influencing the future.