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Tarif B
1h45 avec entracte

Piece for 10 dancers

Choreography and music
Hofesh Shechter

Hofesh Shechter

Double murder

Clowns / The Fix

Double murder is a diptych. The first piece – Clowns – is an overflow of energy, a dance that is both festive and gruesome, borrowing from tribal and folk dances, so dear to Hofesh Shechter, to put violence on show. The second – The Fix – is conceived as an antidote, a benevolent and soothing counterpoint. It acts as a shield against the aggressiveness of the world. The music softens, the gestures become more tender, while we feel hope emerging. In this balancing act between violence and healing, we find the choreographer’s inimitable ability to channel raw energy. Human and animal sensuality are embodied in a genius of rhythm and movement celebrated throughout the world. Performed by the dancers of the Hofesh Shechter company, these pieces are carried by an epic soundtrack, also by the choreographer.