Tarif A

From 15 years old
In partnership with Le Plus Petit Pirque du Monde / Bagneux
Director Sophia Perez Authors/performers Remi Auzanneau, Hernan Elencwajg, Johannes Holm Veje, Tanguy Pelayo, Baptiste Petit, Martin Richard
Cie Cabas


With Desiderata, acrobatics, dance and text are put at the service of a feminist reflection on gender. The show, created in partnership with Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde, features six men who, through their bodies and words, question the place of women in our society. “Six guys on the stage who come to take on these subjects of gender, male domination, and male-female relationships,” explains Sophia Perez, artistic director of the company. Originally from France, Argentina and Denmark, the 6 artists like men, women or both, they are politicized or not, committed before being militants. The flights, the lifts, the danced phases, the confessions, the falls or the poems are put at the service of the same ambition: to free the voice to make change happen. In a show of a rare intensity, where the physical commitment is total, Sophia Perez succeeds in bringing a tender and sincere glance on a major subject of our time.