Tarif A

From 10 years old

Based on the popular tale

Directed by
Joël Pommerat / Cie Louis Brouillard

Alfredo Canãvate and Jean Ruimi (alternating), Noémie Carcaud, Caroline
Donnely, Catherine Mestoussis, Léa Millet, Damien Ricau (the narrator), Marcella Carrara (the voice of the narrator), Julien Desmet

Joël Pommerat


After Le Petit Chaperon Rouge presented in February 2022, Joël Pommerat reinvites Charles Perrault to Les Gémeaux with a production of the famous Cendrillon. The great tales are initiation rituals. They circulate among mankind and generations who constantly reinvent them. They awaken the imagination and critical spirit of children and awaken the memories of adults. It is from this moving and universal material that Joël Pommerat proposes a modern version of the tale. He draws on the original mourning – the death of Cinderella’s mother – to shed new light on the story. With humour and delicacy, the director takes children and adults alike into a dreamlike world, between light and shadow, between the intimate and the spectacular. Directed by Joël Pommerat, Cendrillon speaks to us of death, the desire to live, and the power of the imagination.