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In association with the MJC de Sceaux
QUIET DAN With Daniel Mizrahi (vocals / guitar), Antoine Reininger (bass / guitar) and Mathieu Penot (drums / keyboards) LA MAISON TELLIER With Helmut Tellier (vocals, guitars), Raoul Tellier (guitars), Léopold Tellier (brass), Alphonse Tellier (bass and keyboards) and Jeff Tellier (drums)

La Maison Tellier + Quiet Dan

Atlas is the seventh album by La Maison Tellier, “a record conceived in uncertain times, born of fading bearings and a collapsing world“. The result is a folk-rock song of hope, with a strong emphasis on acoustic guitars. An epic and masterful journey sung in French, which claims to be related to Neil Young or Gérard Manset.

The opening act will be Quiet Dan as part of the Le Déclencheur programme. With this project, created in 2004, the MJC of Sceaux aims to support contemporary music groups in their professionalization. In partnership with Les Gémeaux, the groups from the project are invited to perform as opening acts for headliners. Israeli-born singer, composer and guitarist Quiet Dan offers intense and personal songs, sometimes mystical, “inhabited by wolves, crocodiles or biblical prophets“.