Mon Compte
Tarif B
1h40 avec entracte
For all ages from 8 years old upward

Piece for 10 dancers

Artistic direction and choreography
Akram Khan

ocelyn Pook

Akram Khan

Jungle Book reimagined

Akram Khan’s retelling of The Jungle Book is an ecologist’s take on Rudyard Kipling’s classic. The young Mowgli leads the audience into a world of urgency where man’s relationship with nature is dangerously fragile. As a climate refugee, he must forge new alliances with a disparate fauna ready to reclaim an urban landscape deserted by its inhabitants. Carried by Jocelyn Pook’s original music, this contemporary Jungle Book for ten dancers manages to speak to all generations. It relies on a first-rate visual immersion, through the animations of Naaman Azhari and the projections of YeastCulture. A danced and poetic invitation to rethink the founding narratives of the world we live in.