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For all ages from 10 years’ old upwards
Mickaël Le Mer is an associate artist at Les Gémeaux Meeting with the artistic team after the performance.
Choreography Mickaël Le Mer / Cie S'poart With Dylan Gangnant, Wilfried Ebongue, Elie Tremblay, Naoko Tozawa, Andréa Mondoloni, Noé Chapsal, Dara You, Naïma Souhaïr and Bruce Chiefare
Mickaël Le Mer


Associate artist at Les Gémeaux, Mickaël Le Mer relies on hip-hop dance to develop his own choreographic script, always marked by the personal experience of the dancers and a true poetic sensitivity. After the piece Les Yeux Fermés, which was based on the play of light in Pierre Soulages’ Outrenoir – presented at Les Gémeaux in May 2022 – he relies, with Butterfly, on the idea of transformation. The metamorphosis of the butterfly as a starting point for a show in the form of a journey. Towards more humanity? Three female dancers and six virtuoso dancers from the hip-hop scene, twirl in a dazzling and aerial ballet. They embody the necessity of movement, the sensitivity and fragility that allow us to identify with the other. They represent the carefree and the freedom, able to convey sincere emotions. Hip-hop as we know it is transformed here, open to influences, and capable of inventing a new body language, joyful and euphoric.