Mon Compte
Tarif B
1h25 avec entracte
À partir de 5 ans

Séance scolaire le jeudi 21 décembre à 14h30 (à partir de 7 ans)

Pièce chorégraphique pour 13 danseurs

Directeur artistique et Chorégraphie
Po-Cheng Tsai

Otto Chang

Composition de la musique
Rockid Lee

Conception vidéo
Po-Chih Chang

Production de tournée
Delta Danse


Po-Cheng Tsai / B. Dance


Through his adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, Po-Cheng Tsai once again demonstrates the universal nature of Lewis Carroll’s novel. Recognized worldwide for his powerful, physical and theatrical writing, the young Taiwanese choreographer celebrates diversity and creates a wonderful bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. From ballet to hip-hop, jazz, kung-fu and tai-chi, he displays a freedom of style that can also be seen in the high-fashion costumes, dreamlike video projections, and stunning lighting design. After his success with Floating Flowers at the Avignon Festival, Po-Cheng Tsai achieves a captivating fusion of magic and strangeness, fairy tale and psychological fable with Alice.