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Bertrand Belin (vocals, guitars), Lara Odyedepo (percussion, keyboards, backing vocals), Thibault Frisoni (keyboards), Julien King Omé (guitars), Sylvain Joasson (drums, machines)

Tambour Vision

Bertrand Belin

I try to create the conditions for dancing, because I like it when it grooves. With Tambour Vision, Bertrand Belin gives pride of place to synthesizers in a seventh album of pure pop that invites “the intoxication of the senses and conflicts“. The man we know as a dandy rocker gradually abandons the guitar for the synthesizers and the polyphonic breath of the Mellotron. The result is a minimalist album open to elegant electro pulsations. An impressionist and soaring reverie that questions our relationship to the world, to others, to freedom. Throughout the album, the influences of 50’s rock, Talking heads, David Bowie or Alex Cameron resound, without one being able to classify Bertrand Belin’s music. A hypnotic experience that will take its full effect on the stage of the Grand Théâtre des Gémeaux.